Instructional Design (DETT 607)

The Instructional Design and Course Development in Distance Education and E-learning course allowed me to learn the underlying theories and practice of instructional design and course development. I learned how to apply that knowledge to examine and describe a particular population in need of a training solution, and to conceptualize and design a learning solution. This course was an immensely useful challenge for me. In order to successfully complete the course, I gained the necessary knowledge and then applied it by taking a systems approach to design and justify a practical solution for a training need.

Artifact 1

This assignment allowed me to apply the theories of instructional design and course development to a real-world training need. I was able to use the knowledge I had gained in the class as well one specific training need, to address the training need and trainee population, explain the instructional design for the training need, describe the subject matter content presentation, address student interaction with course consent and interaction among students, as well as plan assessment and feedback strategies. I gained knowledge of the relevant instructional design theoretical aspects and learned how to apply them to a specific training need.

DETT 607 Ghofrani1--Learning Design

Artifact 2

This assignment allowed me to explore deeper the process of instructional design by developing a learning module. For this more specific component I prepared a module outline including learning outcomes, course resources, individual activities, discussion and interaction, and assessment. The process of working on this assignment allowed to learn the components that need to be addressed in instructional design and how to address them depending on training need and trainee population.

DETT 607 Ghofrani2--Online Course