Library and Intellectual Property (DETT 611)

The Library and Intellectual Property Issues in Distance Education and E-learning course is where I learned about copyright and its various aspects as they relate to DE. I was able to understand the evolution and nuances of copyright, analyze policies and practices, perform case studies and consider how practical needs may be addressed. This class was a multi-faceted combination of facts and analysis, intellectual thought and practice, policy and implementation, legality and ethics, historical and current aspects of intellectual property and library services. I gained relevant information and facts and then learned why those facts and circumstances matter and how and when they may need to be addressed.

Artifact 1

This assignment was a review of an article on a pilot program for educating faculty at a university about copyright best practices and a copyright clearance service. By utilizing my previous readings in the class, I was able to put the article in context, and analyze how faculty may be informed about copyright issues in an education setting, and receive assistance for using learning materials without breaking copyright law. The assignment was brief and to the point, and allowed me to learn about an issue that is important for the education process and the tasks involved.

DETT 611 Ghofrani1-Copyright Article Review Project

Artifact 2

This case study assignment allowed me to learn why copyright is important, not just from a legal perspective but also from ethical and societal perspectives. By comparing and contrasting two scenarios, and realizing the differences and common themes between those scenarios, I learned the importance of observing copyright. Doing so is not only a legal responsibility, but it in fact forms the glue that promotes the pursuit of intellectual efforts and learning. For it is with the practical respect that is afforded for the work of those that have come before, that current and future pursuers of knowledge will know that their work will also receive the protections afforded by copyright.

DETT 611 Ghofrani2-Case Study on Copyright

Artifact 3

The last assignment was research into Web 2.0 technologies and their relevance to distance education. I was able to learn what the technologies are as well as make comparisons between advancements in web technologies, and the evolution of distance education from a didactic perspective to a constructivist one. Progression from the old unidirectional web to the multi-directional Web 2.0 that places importance on user interactions, matches the movement from a teacher-centered to the learner-centered viewpoint in education. I was then able to understand and to demonstrate how Web 2.0 technologies can be optimally used in distance education. The assignment has two parts: a paper and a power point presentation.

Part 1

DETT 611 Ghofrani3-Information Literacy Learning Module Project--Part1

Part 2

DETT 611 Ghofrani3-Information Literacy Learning Module Project--Part2-Presentation