Training & Learning with Multimedia (DETC 620)


The Training and Learning with Multimedia course allowed me to learn how multimedia should be used in DE and E-learning settings. I learned several components of multimedia including theoretical underpinnings of multimedia as related to pedagogy. I learned to critique multimedia learning objects, and as a consequence learned how such modules should be designed to best address learner needs. I learned the appropriate and effective use of multimedia including justification, planning, and design so that desired learning objectives are achieved. Multimedia holds immense potential and when used properly within DE and E-learning contexts and with proper understanding of pedagogic practices, is effective for learning.

Artifact 1

In this assignment I assessed and compared two multimedia learning objects in terms of learning effectiveness, using criteria that had been formed after studying the relevant literature. Through the process of completing this assignment I learned the importance of multimedia in distance education, learned the various considerations and criteria for making multimedia effective for learning, applied those criteria to adjudicate multimedia learning objects, and thusly understood how such modules should be designed in order to be optimally effective for learning. The process was methodical and well informed, and was also another experience in applying relevant literature to address practical issues.

DETC 620 Ghofrani1-Evaluation of 2 Multimedia Learning Objects for Learning Effectiveness

Artifact 2

This work represents my research and learning about the use of multimedia in distance education and training, and the application of that knowledge to prepare a proposal for a multimedia training program in a corporate setting. I drew from my work experience in finding a training need, and I drew from my education in the MDE program to address that need. I provided an overview of the setting and training need, the conceptual and instructional design model, the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia learning, described the key characteristics of the target training group, justified the multimedia learning environment and the presentation modes, provided media selection criteria and additional pedagogic and user interface considerations, detailed the content and schedule of the training course, roles and responsibilities of the project team members, and the role-out plan including schedule and quality assurance. Lastly, I prepared a short audio recording to succinctly pitch this proposal to the entity with the authority to green light the project. This short pitch was meant to entice the reviewer and encourage them to read and seriously consider the full proposal. I applied different media to educate my audience, which in turn also allowed me to practically learn the value of applying multimedia in distance education contexts.

Part 1

DETC 620 Ghofrani2-Mutimedia Training Course for Clinical Research Associates


DETC 620 Ghofrani2-Mutimedia Training Course for Clinical Research Associates-Audio Summary